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The company

A family story

and know-how


Founded in 1990, Deflex began by renting a garage in order to offer a subcontracting service. Owners then invented deflectors (visors) for off-road vehicles, hence the name Deflex. In the fall of 1995, they built a 3,600 square foot factory. From then on, the company experienced great effervescence.


As proof, today, Deflex benefits from a working area of 40,000 square feet. It is thanks to their extensive knowledge of fiberglass and product manufacturing that the owners can offer their customers high quality parts that offer a quality / price ratio above the market average.


In 2014, Serge became the sole owner of the company and prepared to introduce new techniques that could reduce production costs, increase plant productivity and improve product quality. In 2016, his children joined him by becoming co-owners of the company. Barely a year later, Deflex composite expands in the United States and opens a new company under the name of Deflex Innovations Inc.

Mission et valeurs


Our mission: 

Collaborate with our customers by offering them our expertise, our innovative support and a high quality composite product. 

Our vision:

To be the reference in the field of Composite and a model for all!

 Raison d'être 


Respect - Team spirit - Commitment - Communication


All team members are employees and are therefore treated with respect and humanity, values that are also felt in all our customer relationships.

An eco-responsible company

Deflex is committed to protecting and respecting the environment. As an eco-responsible company, we encourage eco-conscious practices in both our manufacturing processes and our day-to-day operations. We also operate our resources and manufacturing facilities as efficiently as possible in terms of energy conservation and respect for the environment.


We firmly believe that our eco-responsible management processes bring added value to our products while minimizing health, safety and ecological risks. This is why we insist that our composite parts and our manufacturing processes respect the environment.


Every day, our concern for nature translates into concrete actions!


  • Waste reduction

  • Manufacture of products in materials that have the least possible impact on the environment

  • Careful management of the supply of materials and raw materials

  • Selection of suppliers who also respect the environment

  • Collaboration leveraged internal resources

Contact U.S

For all your fiberglass parts needs, for castings of high  quality and  to do business with reliable experts, contact us.


107 Industrial Nadeau Street
Saint-Victor, QC  G0M 2B0

418 588-6798
Fax: 418 774-3312


22 Jericho Road,

Berlin, NH, 03570

1 603 215-6738  

Fax: 418 774-3312

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